Many mistakes made, and many lessons learnt..

This year couldn’t have gone any faster.. I wonder if I had used the time well. Seems like just yesterday when I was writing my caption for my Instagram post on 1st January 2013

And I remember it so clearly: “Here’s to a new start; a new approach on life, a clean blackboard to write on. Here’s to making another year of memories, to my last year at high school and first at university, and to choosing the right friends. Here’s to 2013, a new year”..

And that’s exactly what happened..

Turning 18, graduating from high school and getting into the university I’d wanted to.. 3 important milestones in life took place this year, and they all involved myself becoming more independent in one way or another.. It all happened so quickly

One day I’m revising for final exams, the next enjoying summer after finishing high school, and then suddenly I’m packing to move out of my home..

Made new friends, also lost some along the way, but I have managed to surround myself with such amazing people and, as selfish as it sounds, I want to keep it that way

Nevertheless this year was a wonderful rollercoaster, and despite those highs, that couldn’t have been any better, and those lows, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ve made so many memories this year that I’d hate to forget, along with my fair share of mistakes and lessons I’ve learnt

But here’s to 2014

A year that I hope will be full of remembering those mistakes, not making them again, and a year full of prosperity, despite now having a tremendous student loan to pay back. A year that will hopefully be forgiving in terms of studies and also my social life (because that is slightly important too).. A year full of punches for my best friend (he loves them really), a lot of nagging from me for those around me. And I want to share the love and happiness too.. A smile is contagious, and seeing people happy couldn’t make me any more content

(Just a last little message.. I remember giving my word to a certain friend, telling him I would return to university after Christmas break (so that’s 4 days from now) a much happier person, that I would smile more, and I just want to say, I will try to keep my word.. Let’s leave the past behind and look forward to what is going to be an epic year, and I know we’ll make sure it will be. Thank you for everything B)


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