I know I’m quite late but I only recently found out about this book.


A friend of mine introduced this book to me shortly after I’d met him, and recommended it to me as I do enjoy reading.

I was thinking of buying the book, but never managed to get round to doing so. But to my surprise,  he did end up getting it for me as a Christmas present and I started reading it straight away.

I don’t get to read that much (thanks to the horrendous amount of work I have to do for uni), but I’m sure I could have easily read this book in a day. I can’t remember the last time I read something so touching. It doesn’t have a typical storyline of where a girl meets a guy and everything is perfect, but it’s so addictive. Every sentence,  every chapter leaves you wanting more, and it’s such an eye – opening plot.

Would definitely recommend this to others.

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