Things that make me happy :)

So I saw  this post on my good friend’s blog,, which make me smile so much just from reading it. I seemed like a good way to stop thinking about negative things and thought I’d do one too 🙂

  1. My mother who gave a lot to bring me into this world, and my father who has always been there for me, along with my mum when I was growing up
  2. My favourite city in the whole world, London
  3. Food
  4. Candy
  5. Bulgogi (or Korean Barbecued Beef)
  6. My guitars
  7. Playing the piano
  8. Singing
  9. Music
  10. Surprisingly, being at university
  11. My awesome bunch of uni friends
  12. Dancing
  13. Going to street dance lessons
  14. Bubble tea.
  15. Time with my best friend
  16. My parakeet
  17. Doctor Who
  18. Sherlock
  19. Pretty Little Liars
  20. K-Dramas
  21. K-Pop
  22. Ferrero Rochers
  23. Scrapbooking
  24. Snapbacks
  25. Wandering around places
  26. Sightseeing
  27. Paris, because it is oh so beautiful
  28. Coffee and Coffee Shops
  29. My Coffee Group, who are the most awesome bunch of girls ever
  30. Having a best friend who lives right opposite my room
  31. Hugs, especially when I’m feeling down
  32. Kisses
  33. Back hugs from tall people
  34. Surprises
  35. Thinking up surprises for others
  36. Sherlock Holmes, the novel
  37. Cars
  38. Formula 1
  39. Movie nights with friends
  40. Sleepovers
  41. Standing in a nice hot shower for ages
  42. Taking pictures of practically everything that happens around me
  43. Baking food for others
  44. Sleeping in
  45. Nights out
  46. Going clothes shopping with my best friend (probably because he doesn’t have bad taste for a guy.. and doesn’t usually mind coming along either)
  47. When someone makes a nice meal for me
  48. Knowing that I can punch my best friend when I’m mad at him without him minding
  49. Reading a good novel
  50. Helping Others
  51. A nice cup of tea
  52. Shoes that make me look taller
  53. Being smaller than everyone else around you.. occasionally
  54. Cute things like pens and pencils, objects or clothing items

There probably is more but that’s all I can think of now

I really want to know what things make others happy, especially things that are unique 🙂


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