The limits to a friendship

Why do some people find it difficult to stick to plans..
Especially when the plan gets postponed or changed by the person in question. Why do it if you can’t guarantee that you can definitely see them through.
It is like a ball of hopes just shattering, when you’ve been looking forward to something a certain amount,  but then you can feel it getting further and further away from you
And when the plan gets abandoned for some other idea
It’s at times like this that I realise relying on others is such a bad habit.  A quote from a current Korean drama I have been watching pretty much sums this up: “Shall I tell you the secret to not getting hurt? ..Don’t expect anything from anyone”
If you wait on someone, rely on someone, you are bound to get stuff done a lot slower than if you were depending on only yourself. This applies for everything,  from assignments to days out.
Because not everyone lives by the same morals or mottos as yourself. A word could mean so many different things to you, or could just be very significant to you, but could mean barely anything to another. And it’s hard when you have two people who aren’t on the same wavelength but are trying to take this something that they have, if anything, somewhere. Hearing a certain sentence from someone’s mouth be of a certain value to you, the listener, but might not be as significant to the owner of the words.
So, today’s lesson? Even if you are, or if you’re meant to be, close to someone, it doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely be treated the same way you would treat them. You may mean something to them in words, but that doesn’t mean that in their hearts, you are exactly what those words means. This applies for both positive and negative contexts.
So the next time you rely on someone, always make room for disappointment, but also learn to use that to your advantage and become a more independent being. Learn to live in the moment, and to not think up further ideas to follow up the initial ones. At least then there’s always times for a quick plan B that you can easily and happily complete alone.
Because at the end of the day, they are your expectations, and yours alone, so you can’t expect the other person to understand them or to make up for them. Those are the limits of friendship: you may do so and so together, or mean so much to one another, but you have to make up for your mistakes, not them.


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