A Happy Breakfast

You can only imagine the horror when I came to realise (quite late last night in fact) I had no butter in the fridge to make breakfast this morning. On top of that, I had told my best friend that I would make breakfast for him too, and there was no way I was letting this eating machine down.

So there I was, up at 7 am, getting dressed to pop down to the Sainsbury’s Local, about a 15 minute walk, around the corner from our flat. I’m not going to lie to you, the walk there was terrible. Being stuck behind a bunch of slow walking high school girls when you’re in a hurry isn’t the best thing ever. So I went into the shop, and hurriedly bought myself some butter, but on my way back, I noticed a quite empty yet cute and cosy looking café. And me being quite obsessed, shall we say?, with coffee and cafés, went in to take a quick look around. That’s when the thought popped into my head.

The idea of buying a hot chocolate for my best friend, so that I could give it to him when I got to the flat, did brighten up my mood quite a bit, which in turn made me relax a little (because, to be perfectly honest, there was no way that boy was going to be up in time for breakfast unless I woke him up myself). So I picked up a hot chocolate for him (complete with whipped cream of course) and a coffee for myself, whilst having a lovely conversation with the owner of the café. I didn’t hang around for long, but didn’t leave until I had bought one of the delicious looking cupcakes on display at the counter, to accompany the hot chocolate. Needless to say, the thought of now being able to give these two things to my friend left me walking back with a huge smile plastered on my face. I had called him on my way back too, so that he would be up, showered and dressed by the time I reached the flat so that his hot chocolate didn’t get too cold before he has a chance to take a sip.

And that was started a brilliant day: from just watching a brilliant smile spread across his face at the sight of these two objects sitting on the dining table as he entered the kitchen, to successfully making french toast together for breakfast (and I must say, it was pretty good teamwork, that), and then working on our assignment as well.

You’re probably wondering where I’m trying to go with this. Well, it’s just that seeing a smile on someone else’s face, all day long, especially knowing that I had been a reason behind it, for a certain length of time, made me feel so content and happy too. Kind of like feeling full despite not having eaten a meal. Regardless of who the person may be, doesn’t have to be family or even a best friend, I would give anything to see a smile on their face.

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
― Mother Teresa

..And in case you were wondering, the cupcake? It was brilliant (he insisted on sharing). The café? A cute place called Cafe Creme here in Southampton.


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