Okay you’re probably thinking “what the.. ? This girl is writing about talking?”
But seriously speaking, talking is brilliant. I don’t mean talking over social networks or texts or whatnot. I mean actually talking to another person face to face.
Just opening our mouths and saying a few words can do so much. It can inspire some and deter others. Can make some feel loved, and others, hurt. It can start problems but also solve them too.
And nowadays I find that resolving issues over the phone or so, especially when you can easily do it in person, is just a horrible way to do it.
I confess, I am guilty of this. I used to absolutely dread sorting out issues in person, and I’m sure my low self confidence didn’t help much either. But lately, I’ve come to realise how brilliant it is, especially when you have people who understand it so well.
Just the other night, I had a small issue with a friend (most of which I don’t – or didn’t – remember). But the next morning we sat and talked about it, and after a short amount of time, it was sorted. And I can honestly say, I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy after resolving an issue.
Maybe it was the friend or maybe it was the way it was resolved, but I know it would have been different if we hadn’t talked about it face to face.
If only it was so simple with bigger global issues..


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