Little children are absolutely brilliant. Just watching them and their actions brings us so much joy, most of the time without us even realising.

Earlier today, whilst walking back from the shops, I happened to be walking behind an adorable little boy and his mother. The boy was so cute and so hilarious, it inspired me to write this post. So there he was walking along with his mum, having a debate about whether it was himself or his mother who said “wobbly wobble wobble”, which of course made me laugh out loud, but then he randomly stopped on the pavement and started shaking his bottom. Then it was his posture. He was walking holding a bottle of Fruit Shoot by the bottle neck, and seemed to be stumbling along the road, as if he was drunk.

Even one of my youngest distant nephews has a lot of cuteness – or 애ꡐ (aegyo) as Koreans call it. For a child who is only 4 years old, he has a lot of wit and can talk so well that no matter what he says, he’s bound to put a motherly smile on your face. If I could give you an example, New Year’s day this year, his father had dropped him, and his two older brothers, off at our house and left. Now their mother was going to turn up soon too, but it being lunch, my mum and myself kept trying to get the youngest to eat. No matter how hard we tried and how hard we bribed him, he kept refusing to eat and when we asked why, he replied with “I’ll eat at home so I don’t need to eat here. Mum’s made food at home.” We were slightly taken aback by this but proceeded in asking him what his mum had made, and also that his mum was going arrive soon anyway, but he still refused to eat. After about half an hour of no progress, his mother turned up and, of course, he ended up eating after that.

Honestly, just watching him made me smile so much.

Kids are just fantastic πŸ™‚


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