Mission Impossible

Getting a birthday present home from the shops, without it being seen by the receiver, is a tricky job indeed. It requires strategic planning, quick thinking and the ability to recover from risky situations quickly..
..No, seriously, it does. And I found that out for myself today, whilst trying to smuggle my friend’s present back to the flat.

Due to bad timing, it turned out that my friend and myself both arrived at the bus stop, from our two different destinations, at the same time. The present I had bought is quite obvious; as soon as you see the bag, you’d know what the present was. Of course, this meant I had to hide. Pronto. Using the bus shelter as my cover, I waited until my friend had started walking down the road, and decided to take a different route towards our flat. The two paths do meet half way between the main road and our flat. But I figured I had given my friend enough of a lead for it to be safe. I had definitely spoken too soon.

I didn’t realise he had been held up at the traffic lights, and nearly got caught by him when he turned around to check the road. It if wasn’t for me jumping into a pile of leaves on the side of the road, with a telephone box to hide me, my cover would have definitely been blown. Nevertheless I seemed to have given the guy who was walking behind me a right laugh, judging by the look he gave me.

Man, it was such a rush.

Just thought I’d share my humiliatingly amusing story with you guys


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