The effects that alcohol have are quite amusing. Given that I had nearly 4 times the recommended daily intake, I’m surprised I can remember practically the whole night, and thought I’d share my amusement with those who read these random blogs of mine.

Feeling quite “ballsy“, I decided to step up my drinking a bit. Don’t ask me why, but nevertheless, I did enjoy it. Even this odd mix of Vodka, Whisky, Tequila and Margharita that my friends had decided to make. And there I was thinking that I was doing pretty well, considering I had had quite a bit more than I normally do, before my friend brought down a nearly empty bottle of Absinthe, 55%. Curiosity struck, and I did want to try some given it smelt so much like licorice. And that’s when the fun started.

The drinks started to get to my head and my drunken state was starting to kick in. I did stop after, with my best friend sternly telling me that I shouldn’t have anymore drinks for the night, aside from water. I’m an obedient drunk ..he’s just scary when he gets mad, so I’d rather just listen. Then followed the crazy walking, me being fed a horrid cereal bar by my best friend who was desperately trying to get me to sober up, and the interesting bus ride and walk down to the club. All these things were incidents myself and my best friend laughed over when we had made it back home, whilst I was quickly sobering up.

I know the effects of alcohol are more good than bad, and I’ve had my share of bad nights of being drunk (and consequently throwing up in my best friends toilet). But last night was a night where I don’t regret drinking to that extent. I still remember the hilarious episodes of the night which led to a two hour long conversation, whilst sat in bed, with the greatest friend ever. Not only did it give us a chance to talk about stuff that had happened, but also about other occasions that are coming up (like his birthday, which I shall write about in a later post). And I also kept the promise of not drinking because of a bad reason, which is honestly the worst idea ever.

After having a few nights of getting back home upset, or just not in a good mood of any sort, getting through, practically, the whole night with a smile on my face, and keeping a deal I made with my best friend, allowing him to prove himself to me, and subsequently, putting a huge grin on his face, was definitely worthwhile. And I hope this night was the first of many more to come.


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