Birthdays are brilliant. Of course I love my own birthday, it’s my own special day. But I love other people’s birthdays. Specifically, I love planning surprises for my friends on their birthdays. Throwing them a surprise party or event is something I enjoy doing every time. I never used to be able to do massive surprises during high school. But recently I’ve been able to plan out bigger surprises.

It was one of my good friend’s birthday in December and I had started planning a double birthday party for him. I had told a few of our friends, but he started to get emotional and nosey, so we ended up having to tell him about what we were planning. Major fail.

But more recently, it was my best friend’s birthday; yesterday to be exact. I had been wanting to throw an unforgettable party for him for a few months now, and got round to planning it just over a month ago. Now, here’s something to keep in mind: I cannot keep anything a secret from him.. well practically anything. Not only that, but he can read me like a book. So as you can imagine, planning, not one but TWO, birthday surprises was mental.

We always do a similar sort of plan for everyone’s birthday: dinner and then clubbing. So he did know that we were going out. But he had no idea where. So I spent the month getting RSVPs and making the reservation at this restaurant he had been wanting to go to for a while, and also planning which club we should hit up. After contacting the club, I managed to get a free booth for us, along with free entry and free cocktail pitchers. And so the plan was sorted. Finally the night had come, with my best friend thanking me nearly every night, for a week beforehand, for the surprise that hadn’t even happened. And what a fun night that was. 19 shots for his 19th birthday.

This event took place two days before his actual birthday, so of course I wanted to do something special as the clocked ticked over. Now this surprise, was one that only two other people here knew about, and my best friend had no idea whatsoever. He might be sly but he was completely clueless. I took him out for a walk just before midnight and during our walk around the area, I brought out a cupcake with a candle as soon as it turned 12. “I wanna make a wish.. but I don’t know what to wish for.. I have everything I could want already,” he said. With a smile on his face, he blew out the candle and out came the present: a men’s bracelet that he had picked out himself without knowing. Hugs and smiles were exchanged and we sat and talked for a while before we headed back to the flat for present number 2.

I can proudly say ‘mission accomplished’. Not only did the surprises go well, but my best friend said that it had been one of his best birthdays ever, and definitely “three days of fun”. It was the least I could do for him, but definitely a start to repaying a few favours and it was definitely worth the time and effort.
Cannot wait to plan the next surprise, whoever it may be for.

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