Powerful yet so peaceful

If you live in the UK, like myself, then I’m sure you’re well aware of the stormy weather the country has been battered by these past few weeks. And of course, you’d be aware that this phase isn’t going to pass very soon, as we’re meant to see heavy winds hit this little island about every two days.
As crazy as this weather is, it’s so peaceful too. I write this lying in bed, listening to the strong wind outside. It’s powerful and dangerous, and can, if it wants to, destroy all we’ve lived for. It’s something worth fearing, one of Mother Nature’s wonders, one of her weapons.
Yet it calms me down, puts a smile on my face and helps put my mind at rest. The sound of the wind moving between the houses, through the trees, brushing past their leaves, and down my chimney, is like music to my ears. A song nature has to sing; a song of frustration, filled with chaos but precision, beauty and detail. Is it just me who hears this?


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