15 things about living with a male best friend

I’ve seen so many posts that talk about what it’s like being a girl with male friends or having a male best friend. There are so many similarities in these posts, such people always thinking you’re a couple or he’s your wingman and vice versa, or even your bodyguard. It led me to write my own, about things I’ve noticed in the past few months of living with my male best friend.

  1. Can’t carry something or reach something? You know who to call
  2. Not having to be concerned about your appearance – bed hair and PJs all day
  3. Need an opinion on an outfit? His are always 100% honest
  4. Can be messy about, well, everything
  5. Feeling lazy to shave legs? He couldn’t care less – sit there comparing legs instead
  6. Him nearly always waking up late and ending up with you making him breakfast instead and also being late
  7. Literally laughing out loud
  8. Said something stupid? – He will never let you forget it
  9. Movie nights.. EVERY WEEK
  10. Picking up habits – both good and bad
  11. Gourmet level meals every week
  12. On that note, don’t have to worry about eating in a “lady-like manner”
  13. Casually taking naps whenever – usually on his bed whilst he’s working/playing/cooking
  14. Massive junk food stash!
  15. Finally, I can be comfortable in my own shell – He isn’t one to judge

Not a long, I know, but there are other more personal perks (and lows) about living with a male best friend. Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to comment with anything you guys can relate to or other things you’ve personally noticed.

Thanks to that best friend for helping me compile this list.


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