Simple happiness.





There is a man, at Placa de la Sagrada Familia, who makes large bubbles just inside the park entrance in return for some money.
He stands there, holding two long sticks with a piece of string between them, and uses the bottom of a bottle as his container for soap solution. Nearby, sitting on a bench, is his other half, in her hands a bottle of solution to top up his container when he runs out.
This man probably stands there hours on end, being ignored by so many, but still he continues.
I captured these when I was at the park, sitting near the man, watching him at work. Whilst watching, I realised every few minutes his bubbles brought so much joy to children passing by the park, and occasionally a few adults.
I see it as a clear illustration showing that you can find happiness from the simplest of things, and in the most unexpected places.


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