How a relationship should be

There are so many types of relationships between people – the relationship between two friends or the bond between family members – but this blog is about love, and to be more specific, the relationship between a couple. I’m no relationship guru, but this is just my take on things.

A relationship between any number of people, not only a couple, is different for each group. But having recently gotten into a relationship, I thought I’d give my take on how a romantic relationship should be, however I feel some of these apply to most situations in life.

Every couple is different. That is key. You, and definitely not others, cannot judge your relationship based on past examples. I find the phrase “trust me, I’ve seen it happen before” doesn’t really apply. No one can predict what your relationship will be like, and they shouldn’t either. What they should do is stand back and respect the path your relationship takes you down.

Which brings me onto my next point. A couple is strongest when they stop listening. I don’t mean listening to each other, but listening to those around them. Any decisions that are about the relationship should be made by the couple and no one else. Others may say they know what they are doing, but, let’s face it, no one understands a relationship better than those involved in it.

Go with the flow. Be spontaneous and do anything you want to do, without letting others stop you or change your mind. And don’t be worried about going on dates or doing things as just a two. Your friends may see it negatively, and, from what I’ve experienced, one person in the couple becomes very disliked. But that shouldn’t matter. Why? Because everyone does the same when in the same situation, but they don’t understand until they’re in the same position. It’s natural for a couple to want to spend some time together, especially outside their homes. It’s fine. It’s okay to do things like that. So stop worrying about what others think and keep your  relationship happy and healthy.

Don’t let external matters or people come in between your bond. Unless it seriously involves BOTH of you, let it be. It isn’t worth arguing about with your other half. I’m not saying don’t talk to them about matters that bother you – I think that strengthens your bond. But don’t let your relationship become engrossed in the problem, giving it control.

There are no rules as to how you should go about your relationship. The points I made above are purely my take on certain key aspects of a relationship, but they best way is to just go with it. As I recently found out myself, there’s no wrong way or right way to doing this, and you can’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone is different and, therefore, reacts differently to any situation, including relationships.

The person I’m in love with right now is someone who I have been quite close to and attached to for quite a while now. From what I saw, people respected our friendship, and I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of it. However things have been quite the opposite since we got together, which is understandable as sometimes people find it hard to accept certain changes. This had lead to problems after problems, but one thing that has remained steady throughout is my relationship. I’m the type of person who worries quite a lot over small matters, whereas my boyfriend is the complete opposite – a very calm and relaxed guy. As you can imagine, I didn’t react to these problems very well, and my boyfriend also being my closest friend, I started panicking about the situation to the point where I nearly let it come between us. At that point, he gave me a prep talk I really needed and made me realise a few things:

  • Regardless of what happens, we’re in it together, through the good and the bad.
  • The World’s a much better place when you ignore the negatives and take everything positively. it also helps with having a healthy relationship and helps build better bonds with those around you if you come across as being a brighter person.
  • We have a relationship some would be envious of – no disagreements or arguments and every decision made is mutually agreed upon – even when we were just friends. We will not let anything ruin that for us.
  • There will always be people around you who don’t like things about you or things you do. That shouldn’t bother you. Just be yourself and do what you want to do. People who like you for who you are will always be around.

The point I’m trying to make is, a relationship shouldn’t have to be a certain set way. So yes the blog title is slightly misleading but a relationship should be the way you want it to be.


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