I miss you.

A few days ago, I got to talk to someone I haven’t heard from in quite some time. I haven’t been able to see them a lot recently either, due to his busy schedule, so hearing from him was definitely something that made my day.

This person has been one of closest best friends for a while now, and we’ve both maintained a really good relationship with each other, through various incidents and problems we’ve had to face together. This person has been there through countless turmoils and has never given up on me. And, to be completely honest, I don’t think anyone knows me as well as they do. So, this person has become really quite a significant figure in my life and is definitely very important. People who know both of us know that we are really close and have been, more or less, since the day we first met.

Like I mentioned earlier, due to his busy schedule, we haven’t been able to talk a lot or meet up. But regardless, every time we start a conversation – which is usually once a month, or once every few months – it never feels like it has actually been that long since our previous conversation. It feels like a few days, max. We carry on talking as if a significantly large amount of time hadn’t passed since we last conversed, and it is absolutely brilliant. We talk about anything, for hours and hours – from relationship advice to physics, and football to food – and there is never an awkward moment in the conversation where neither of us know what to say. During high school, these conversation would happen nearly every day and I would see him more often than I do now. But after he left high school, and then followed by me, over conversations became less frequent.

I’m the type of person who misses people (and places) quite a lot. When I’m at university and living away from home, I miss my parents a lot, having never really lived away from them. Ever. I was very attached to my pet parakeet when she was still around so she made the list. Also my closest friends who don’t attend the same uni as myself. They’ve been the best people I’ve had around me during high school and being away from them really isn’t great. Recently, now that I’m home for summer break, I’ve been missing close friends from uni, who – fortunately – I can still talk to over WhatsApp, but haven’t really been able to see them as much. (One friend I saw last week for not even 5 minutes. And he flew off to India on holiday just yesterday. That sucked.) Also been missing my best friend- my boyfriend – who is currently abroad with limited form of contact. It’s the first time both of us have been apart from each other for this long, having lived together for 8 or 9 months, and both of us have been finding it really quite weird.

Another significant person I tend to miss quite a bit is this friend, especially after I had moved 75 odd miles away from them to attend university. I didn’t like the feeling of not having this friend nearby like I used to. But when I do feel like I want talking to them, I do. Seeing as I’m the half with more time, I tend to do so more often than him. Apart from the other day, when he was telling me how after getting back from work, he’s too tired to even think about picking up his phone, but only came on because he missed me. And it made me smile, knowing that despite his hectic work schedule, tucked up somewhere in that mind of his, he still remembers his little friend. He isn’t the type to miss people so I hope you can understand why it makes me smile a lot. Him being very much like an older brother figure in my life, I do see him as part of my family, and knowing that I don’t need to keep in touch with him every single day, and just talk now and then, to maintain such a strong friendship is something that makes me happy.

A friend who has given me countless pieces of advice and support over the past 5 or 6 years whilst watching me grow from being a teenager into a young adult, and has always been around, despite not actually physically being around, is definitely someone to treasure and keep close.

Thank you bro. I missed you too.


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