First time

After taking street dance classes at uni for the whole academic year, and, subsequently, performing in a couple of dance shows, my love for dance had grown and left me wanting more of it after classes had finished. So after returning home for the summer, I decided to attend a few classes at the well-known Pineapple studios in London. Having never attended any kind of dance school or class in London before, I decided to take things easy and attend about 4 classes, for a month, and if I liked them then I would attend classes for the whole summer next year, or save up and attend their summer school.
I went and purchased my membership about a month ago with my boyfriend, excited to start the classes, but with holidays in between, I had to wait a little longer. I was meant to start classes a week ago, but couldn’t due to an upset tummy, which left me feeling gutted.
I am writing this on the tube (good old London underground?) back home after my first class there. With over 150 classes every week, choosing just one was hard. Despite wanting to do street or hip hop, a part of me wanted to try something different, like Jazz or “Diva”, but decided to settle for commercial street. I ended up being about 30 minutes early, but decided to head on in to pick up my membership card. It didn’t really take as long as i thought, so I headed straight up to Studio 12. From the outside, the building doesn’t look like much, but inside, it’s a completely different story. The studios are all good sizes, well equipped and perfect for all sorts of classes. Being early, I stood outside the studio and watched the last few minutes of the previous class, which happened to be hip hop.
It was busy. Busier than I had actually expected. I started to feel a bit anxious; it was really quite warm today, and i didn’t feel comfortable with dancing in such a packed environment. But the more I watched the class, the less anxious I started to feel. I could see dancers of different abilities in there, enjoying themselves and really trying hard to learn the routine. The teacher, John, was so patient and helpful, and had a personality that I felt made everyone feel at ease in that class. The class was soon over, after a few run throughs, and everyone walked out, dripping with sweat. Finally, it was time.
I was quite surprised when I walked in – my class was considerably smaller, with only about 7 people. We started off with some fun warm-ups,  and some intense stretches and went on with learning a routine. Commercial street has a lot more sass than street, more attitude and, well, it’s commercial. The lesson was absolutely brilliant – despite lightly twisting my ankle, I had had so much fun with the routine and with learning something that was both familiar yet new. I’ve always wandered if the school was overrated but honestly, at classes being around £7 on average and with brilliant teachers, it is definitely a fantastic place to go to. I know for a fact I’ll be going again until my membership runs out, and then will be back again next summer.
Thanks pineapple and Debbie for a great first day.


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