I was born in Chennai, India and lived there until I was 4 years old before moving over to London in December 1999. I don’t really remember much about growing up in India and so, most of my childhood memories are of London. And boy am I glad I moved here.
London is one of my favourite cities, if not my favourite. You might assume that it’s because I might have not visited very many other places in the world, which in a way I guess is true. But I have been to a fair few, and have a long list of others I want to visit in the coming years. But a city I know I will always be coming back to is London. I grew up, and still live, in a little suburb, about a half an hour drive away from central London (20 minutes by Tube). It isn’t much: a small bustling multicultural area tucked into southwest London. This has been my home for the past 14 years, but in all honesty it isn’t a place I’m very fond off for various reasons. But it’s still home. However, central London, the City, has been a place I’ve been finding myself falling more and more in love with the more I visit. Even now, on the train headed towards Birmingham, as the Shard, Canary Wharf and Tate Modern all came into view, I smile crept on my face and I sat here thinking, “Ahh it’s London”.
London is well known for the landmarks I mentioned above and countless others, which are absolutely brilliant. But I love London for her hidden secrets, the places tucked away into random corners of the city. An example would be Shad Thames, which, unless you happen to walk past Tower Bridge along the Thames’ south bank, you’re not likely to spot. It’s a wonderful little cobble stone street, with amazing restaurants and a few little stores and cafés. Another would be the little places in and around Leicester Square, that personally hold a special place in my heart, such as KCCUK near Embankment, who hold amazing exhibits and film screenings, or my favourite café – my secret place to escape to, or even the narrow little streets in the area with the most amazing and fascinating stores. Cute little Seoul Bakery near Tottenham Court Road, where you always feel at home, the areas around the Royal Institute and Japan center. Or even just taking an approximately 3 mile walk all the way up from the London Eye, along the south bank, eastbound towards Bermondsey, you’re bound to see some amazing places and people. This city never gets boring, with so many secrets I’ve yet to uncover. She’s so beautiful, with both old and new, and a rich and diverse history.


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