Have you ever fallen in love?

♫사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요?♫

A song I have enjoyed listening to for a few years now, with its sweet melody and the singer’s soft lyrics; it would always put me in a good mood.

“Have you ever fallen in love?,” He sings. Have I? That question would run through my head every time I heard the song. Have I ever fallen in love with someone? I have had a few past relationships, but none of them felt like love; none of them made me feel the way I have felt these past few months. I never used to feel like I could relate to the lyrics in the song.

♫한번쯤 누구나 하는게 사랑이라고 해도
이렇게 특별할 수 있을까 또♫

-Though everyone falls in love just about once
Can it keep feeling special like this?-

But now I feel like I do understand the song. I feel like I can say, “Yes it can keep feeling special like this”.  Love isn’t something you can measure and put a number to, in terms of time, money, distance or anything else; it isn’t quantitative. You could have loved someone for a year or for ten, doesn’t matter. Because love is love, and I’m sure those who have been in or are in love will know what I mean. It’s a feeling you can’t describe easily, or simplify. It’s a mix of things – It’s always thinking about that person, whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s becoming someone you didn’t know you could be and seeing someone bring out the best in you. It’s the feeling of trusting someone like never before and wanting to see their smile all the time. It’s being accepting and trying things you never thought you would. It’s smiling, at the mention of their name, without even knowing you are. It’s a new sort of warmth you feel inside. It’s not being afraid or embarrassed to tell them you want this to work. It’s believing in something with all your heart. It’s not being afraid to tell others you love them. It’s feeling confident and proud. It’s falling deeper and deeper every day. It’s something you won’t just give up on without a fight. I could go on and on.

It’s just love.

“I love you”. It gets thrown around so much that it tends to lose its meaning to some. During high school, so many of us went around saying “I love you” to everyone and anyone we dated, and I’m guilty of this too. I feel like the older you get, or even the more mature you become, regardless of your age, the more you understand how special it is. Back then I didn’t understand that it’s not worth saying if you don’t feel it towards another person, whether it be family, friends or your partner. But for the past few years, I started to see it better and respect it so much more than I probably used to. I told myself that I would save it for the day when I actually felt it. And I understood right then why it s what it is.

It makes you feel so nervous, raising your heart rate, shortening your breaths, gives you butterflies. Right up until you see their expression change into a smile you could never forget. And the feeling you get at that moment is one that will stick with you. Even now, thinking back to when my boyfriend had told me and I had told him, I can’t help but smile and feel flustered. Some people might think this sound ridiculous; in their eyes we haven’t been a couple “long enough” to feel that way. But, like I said before, you can’t put a number on it. It can happen to anyone, at any time. For both of us, that was the time. It felt right and real, and I knew that it meant the same to him: that it was love – not something we were exaggerating. I would never want to change it. I wouldn’t want to go back and say it any sooner, or any later. That was the moment and it was perfect. And right now, I can proudly say, it’s blossoming every day. It’s not something we’re going through for the sake of it – it’s something we both want. Because we know what it means to us.

♫수줍은 너의 미소가 it’s alright
아침마다 내 눈에 그려지길♫

Your shy smile, it’s alright
I hope I’ll get to see it every morning

Have you ever fallen in love?


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