A new hobby?

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs. (And I don’t mean selfies.) Since my dad got his first SLR (which was way more than 10 years ago), I always enjoyed fiddling about with the settings and trying to photograph different things I find.
A few years ago, when I started my first part time job as a teaching assistant at a study centre, I saved up my wages in order to buy my first camera, which ended up being a Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100. Yes, it cost nearly twice as much as a standard DSLR, but I wanted to use it and see what I could achieve from it. I have captured so many moments with that camera over the past 3 years, but haven’t used it as much as I have wanted to since starting uni.
So I’m going to start up a new hobby of actually learning how to utilise my camera and use it to the best of its ability. A few days ago, I took this photograph of the moon. I have taken pictures of the moon before with it – the camera has a fixed lens with a 21x optical zoom, so why wouldn’t I? – but this picture captured the moon so much better. That same day, I had decided to invest in a small, magnetic tripod and using that, I was able to take this picture. I adjusted the settings on the camera manually so that I could find the best shutter speed and exposure for the picture I wanted to take, and after a few shot, I’d adjust the settings again. Until, finally, I took a picture I was happy with. It’s not the best picture of the moon that anyone has ever taken, but it showed me what I could be doing with my camera, learning how to use it well, and learning about different methods and styles I can try.
And that’s what I want to do; play around with my camera so that I get a better feel for it, and if I improve significantly, I might consider investing in a proper DSLR, or just buying a couple of new lenses for my dad’s Canon EOS 1100d.



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