Bucket List #3

Due to exams, and being swamped with revision, I wasn’t able to post this on Monday. I know it is a few days late, but here is my 3 bucket list post. I shall be sure to post the 4th on Monday like usual. I hope you enjoy this.

  1. ✓ Take up photography  – As some of you, who have read my past posts, may know, I adore photography. I’m no professional; if anything I’m am absolute amateur. But it is something I love doing and have started taking it up a bit more. I’ve started using my digital camera, and my Diana mini, more seriously, in the hope that I improve to a point where I might push myself further and invest in more advanced equipment.
  2. ✓ Solve a Rubik’s cube – I had always wanted to be able to solve a Rubik’s cube. I guess using algorithms might count as cheating a little, but I still managed to solve one in a few minutes?
  3. ✓ Buy a snapback – I honestly have no idea why this on here in the first place, but, I can now say I have invested in a handful of snapbacks (which I LOVE) and want to expand my collection when I can.
  4. Go to a spa – A spa experience is a brilliant treat, and extremely relaxing. When in Barcelona last summer, my friends and I visited the hotel spa on one of the days. We couldn’t afford to go for any treatments or massages, which was a bit of a shame. Recently, my boyfriend and I have been discussing this idea so hopefully a proper spa experience will happen soon.
  5. Get weight down to 45kg – I made this list at a time when I was very conscious of my body and my weight, and had a few people talk badly of the way I looked. I used to weigh about 55kg, and being not even 5ft tall, it does show quite a bit. As the years went by, I realised it isn’t important at all and that I needed to embrace who I was. However, since starting dancing properly, and since starting university, my weight did drop to 45kg, and is now below that.
  6. Go snorkeling – I do want to give this a go, only because it sounds so relaxing and such fun. I am not a strong swimmer but I wouldn’t let that hold me back. This is definitely one thing that is staying on my bucket list, and is already on my couple’s bucket list.
  7. Appear on TV – I once appeared on TV when I was 10 years old, on an old Cartoon Network show called Skatoony. However, I was too ashamed of my performance on the game show to even consider it as an appearance. (I was out in the first round). It would be nice to appear on TV properly.
  8. ✓ Upload a video on YouTube – I honestly cannot remember the reason why I wanted to do this, but I achieved it when I started uploading dance covers on YouTube. It also became a way for me to see how much I had improved over the years.
  9. ✓ Be on the news – I’m not sure whether this counts, but I’ll tick this off anyway. I was on the news for a few seconds, in Korea, when news came out about a K-Pop group’s special performance in London, and I was stood behind the gates with a hideous homemade banner.
  10. ✓ Start liking coffee – Ever since I was a kid, I hated coffee. But as I grew up, I slowly wanted to start developing a taste for it. When I was in lower sixth form, about 16 years old, my friends took me to a café and I had my first coffee – a Caramelatte.
  11. Get a superpower – Unrealistic, I know. But you can’t deny, it would be pretty awesome. Not that I would tell anyone if I did have a superpower in the first place. So do I? That is the question.
  12. Visit the ancient ruins of Rome – I grew up learning about Rome during school and it had always left me feeling captivated. I hope to visit it some time in the foreseeable future and add it to my list of places I’ve traveled to.
  13. See the ash covered city of Pompeii – Just like how I’d learnt about Rome when I was kid, I had learnt a lot about Pompeii, and the disaster that come upon the town when Vesuvius erupted, from my mother. Since then, I have wanted to go see her for myself, that amazing creation of nature, and bask in her glory, and also go see the ruins in the city.
  14. Ride a camel – I’m not sure how to explain this. It just looks like fun? I have heard it’s quite painful, though, so I’m unsure as to whether I would keep this on my new bucket list or not.
  15. ✓ Ride an elephant – I was given the chance to do this at Mysore Zoo in India. I must say, for somehow who is afraid of heights, this was absolutely terrifying, and I don’t intend on doing it anytime soon.
  16. Get a pet dog – I have wanted a pet dog since I was very young. However, my mother has never allowed it. But I plan on adopting a dog when I get a place of my own.
  17. ✓ Get a pet bird – I have a long list of pets I would like (including a pet hamster, who I intend on calling Hammy, and he would have a “pimped out” Batman-style hamster ball. Yes, I know – I’ve put a lot of thought into this). One of the pets I had wanted was a bird. I used to have pet birds when I was a toddler, back in India. However they all flew away, and soon after, my mother and I had moved to live with my dad here in the UK. I got a pet Parakeet for my 13th birthday from my mum’s cousin, who was everything to me. Sadly, she passed in a tragic way just under a year ago, after only spending 6 great years with us, when she was expected to spend at least 20.
  18. Fly in a hot air balloon – I am afraid of heights. Extremely afraid. But I still want to try this out. I will only know how I feel about hot air balloons after I get in one at least once, right?
  19. ✓ Go on a rollercoaster – I wanted to ride a rollercoaster just to prove to a few people that I wasn’t such a big coward. This was a few years ago, at the end of high school. However, I hated the ride. It was terrifying and I did not enjoy it at all. Even to this day, I hate rollercoasters and big rides. I just got to embrace that I wasn’t made to be a theme park junkie.
  20. ✓ See a waterfall – Waterfalls are stunning effects on nature. Until I was about 17, I hadn’t seen one in person, and only ever on TV. Then, when I was on a family holiday in Switzerland, my cousin and I decided to take some time out and go up to the mountains. And the number of waterfalls we could see was phenomenal. There were short falls, and terrifyingly tall ones. Thin trickles, wide streams. And they were all beautiful. I also got the opportunity to see a few when on holiday in India a couple of years ago.



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