Bucket List #4

Here is my 4th installment in my Bucket List posts, with the next 20 items from my list. With only one more post left before I write up my new bucket list, I’m feeling excited to be coming to end of this old bucket list and can’t wait to share the last items with you all next Monday.

  1. ✓ Visit Disneyland – Every child’s dream at one point in their childhood was to go to Disneyland. I never got this opportunity whilst I was growing up. But when I was 13 years old, my parents and I went on a tour in France, from Paris to Lourdes, and I was able to go to Disneyland Paris then. I must say, it didn’t seem as fun as I had hoped. Maybe because I was older than most kids, or maybe it was because I was on my own (only child problems).
  2. ✓ Go stargazing – I love stargazing. Being really passionate about physics, in particular astrophysics and particle physics, stargazing is something I find magical. It’s like escaping to your own little world with the stars. The first time I went stargazing was at a beach in Southern India. The area had little to no light pollution, and the stars you could see in the sky were might blowing. However, the first time I had found a constellation was shortly after I had started attended university. Southampton has less light pollution and smog when compared with London, where I’m from. On my way to a night out one evening, I spotted mighty Orion, in front of my eyes in all his glory. And I was blown away. I hope to be able to capture him sometime soon, and to catch a glimpse of the comet that is passing by him as we speak, but the clouds haven’t been in my favour the past few days.
  3. Reminisce with old friends – I feel I’m still too young to tick this off my list. It would be a really nice feeling to sit down with old friends, from school days, in a few years time and just talk about all those memories we made together.
  4. See a meteor shower – This follows on from the stargazing. Meteor showers look stunning and I would love to be able to witness one at least once in my life. I think it’s an something everyone should be able to experience.
  5. See the northern lights – Another phenomenon that just proves how wonderful nature is, and how beautiful our unique little world is.
  6. ✓ Cosplay – I grew up watching anime a lot. Animes are Japanese cartoons. I watched everything from One Piece to Death Note, but my all time favourite is one short series called Vampire Knight. Cosplaying properly takes a lot of time, money and effort and I could never afford a proper costume. Until a few years ago, when I invested in the Vampire Knight Day Class uniform and was able to wear it to the MCM Comic Con in London. Since then I have cosplayed as Pokemon Glaceon with a homemade costume.
  7. ✓ Fall in love – As mentioned in one of my previous posts, falling in love is something I find is easily misunderstood when you’re young. You believe that every relationship you have is you genuinely falling in love with that person.
  8. ✓ Fly a kite – My dad has always been great at flying a kite, and I grew up hearing stories about kite festivals and homemade kites from my parents. During a holiday in India a few years ago, we came across some people selling kites on Marina beach, and so I thought I would give it a go. What a disaster. I couldn’t get the kite up and flying, and ended up having the take the kite my dad had already started flying instead.
  9. ✓ Go karting in the rain – I love motor sports, especially Formula 1. And I adore karting. I don’t go very often but I used to go every time I went up to see my uncle in Blackpool, and on one of those days, it started raining. What a drive! Yes, I did spin off quite a few times, but it felt amazing pushing the kart in the rain. I would love to be able to race like that again.
  10. ✓ Learn to drive a car – I know this is something nearly everyone wants to achieve. But being so passionate about cars and motor sport, this was something I was literally counting down to. As soon as I found out I could apply for my provisional license, I did so immediately. And soon after, I was given a recommendation for a driving instructor and I was well on my way to learning to drive.
  11. ✓ Get my driving license – following on from the previous item, after about 30 hours of lessons, I got my license on April 18th 2014,which also happened to be my parent’s anniversary, with 2 minors. Boy, was I proud (and so was my dad of course).
  12. Go to Formula 1 Grand Prix – as mentioned before, I have been a huge fan of Motor Sports sincr I was young. Over the years, I grew to become a huge fan of Formula 1, which also led me to chose Engineering as the degree type I wanted to study at university. It would be great to be able to experience a race in person; to be able to hear those mighty engines and to try and keep up with the drivers as they hit the track.
  13. ✓ Live out with friends – the idea of living out with friends has been something I have wanted to do since high school. Back then, my friends and I had crazy ideas about getting an apartment on the river together, but we didn’t really know any better. Since I study at a university that is quite far away from home, it was inevitable that I would have to live out with friends after first year, as halls accommodation wouldn’t be quite as available to us. We chose a small house, about a ten minute walk from campus, ams I’ve got to admit, it wasn’t as amazing as I had thought before. It’s fun, yes, but it’s nothing special.
  14. ✓ Soak in the beauty of a sunset – this relates to item number 16 in this list. I adore the universe and every element of it, and, to me, sunrises and sunsets are two very important pieces of the space around it. It shows us how marvellous the universe is, and reminds us that we aren’t alone, but it also reminds me of how lucky we are to be able to witness such magnificence. Who knows if we are the only planet with life in our universe, but if we are, then we are most certainly lucky. Because now that I have seen these wonders, the thought of no one witnessing them, ever, is upsetting. About a year ago, on January 11th 2014, my boyfriend (who was my best friend at the time) and I headed down to a bridge called Itchen Bridge here in Southampton. This bridge is horrifically steep and tall – nothing like the bridges I was used to walking over back home in central London. But due to this height, it gives a tremendous view of the city. You can see how the landscape changes, how the altitude differs from place to place. I could even see my university campus from the bridge, which I found very amusing. We waited there until sundown, and I was presented with a remarkable sight. Flocks of various birds migrating to prepare for nightfall, small boats returning from their trips down the river and the solent, and the beautiful sun setting over one side of the Southampton landscape, and the moon appearing high in the sky over the other.. What a sight it was. I had written two posts about images I had taken this day soon after this venture, so if you haven’t see them yet, please do feel free to take a look. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. A Few Snaps and A Day of Successful Photography.
  15. Take a photo of a full moon – I have taken photos of the full moon before. Yet I still haven’t been satisfied with what I have taken. I still don’t feel like I have captured the moon’s beauty well enough, and have made this an important goal to do my best to achieve over the next few months, if not, years.
  16. ✓ Experience a gorgeous sunrise – on our family tour of South India, we visited a well known coastal town, famous for it’s offshore statue of a famous philospher and also for it’s history and forts. It is also known to be one of the best places to view a sunrises from in Tamil Nadu, where the sunrisez are meant to blow you away. One morning, my parents woke everyone up nice and early, and we headed onto the roof of the hotel, along with others who had been staying in the same hotel. When we got to the top, we could see the same scenario taking placeon the roofs of other hotels and houses alike. Then we waited until the sun peeked over the horizon, above the surface of the ocean. And it was beautiful. We watched it until it had risen quite well, and the speed at which it does so still leaves me astonished. It was just amazing.
  17. Get married – I’m pretty sure this is on everyone’s bucket list. If not everyone’s, then at least every girl’s and every woman’s. Getting married is a magical time for two people. As Stephen Fry stated about his recent marriage, “You enter the room as two people, sign a book and leave as one”. Whether you sign a book, exchange rings or the traditional Tamil way of placing a special necklace around a bride’s neck, the most important part is this bond that has been made between the two people.
  18. Swim with dolphins – Dolphins are amazing and intelligent creatures. Since I was young, I’ve loved them, and have wanted to swim with them. Hopefully I will have this opportunity soon.
  19. ✓ Own a Kigu – a Kigu is a acronym for Kigurumi, which is ” the Japanese name for costumed performers who represent cartoon characters, often animals. The name comes from the Japanese verb kiru (着る, to wear) and noun nuigurumi (ぬいぐるみ, stuffed toy)”. Since becoming interested in Eastern Asian cultures, I became interested in Kigus, whuch are very popular over there. I was presented with a tiger Kigy for my 16th birthday by a few friends and I still have it .
  20. Go cherry blossom viewing – when I was studying Japanese at high school, we learnt a lot about Cherry Blossom viewing in Japan, Hanami, and how popular it is over there. I’ve also seen it in various TV shows and Animes, and it seems like it would be absolutely beautiful to view.

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