Bucket List #5

I know this post VERY late, and I can’t apologize enough for this. I hadn’t intended on it being posted so late, however, I got caught up with a major project at uni, and a cultural show, which have both been taken over my life recently. I will post more about that another time, seeing as they are both quite interesting.

This is my 5th , and final, installment of my Bucket List posts. These are the last 20 items and I can’t believe it has come to an end. Hopefully on Monday, next week, I will be posting a new Bucket List, which I can’t wait to share with all of you. But for now, I’d love it if join me in looking over my old Bucket List one last time.

  1. Explore a castle  – on various occasions, I was able to go and explore forts in India on holiday, which was very eye-opening and fascinating. I remember visiting an old castle near Eastbourne, here in England, when I was younger but the memory is very vague, so I can’t remember much of it. I would really like to visit another again, this time being old enough to remember the experience for even longer, and being able to capture in it various other ways than just with my own eyes.
  2. Visit a Haunted House – I am really not sure why this is on here in the first place. I get very scared about the idea of ghosts and ghouls and monsters, and absolutely hate anything to do with horror so, at least right now, I would do anything to avoid visiting a haunted house. I am even scared of walking down a dark hallway in the house I currently live in, so I don’t think I could survive inside a haunted house.
  3. Dance in the rain – I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I love it; I think it’s beautiful and I admire it. However, the rain in the UK, especially during Autumn and Winter is something I absolutely hate. I hate it. It’s cold, sometimes even freezing, and annoying when you are trying to get on with your day. I’m sure everyone has heard about the UK’s horrific weather system, and how even it the summer, it tends to rain nearly every other day. But I appreciate the rain in the summer. In the middle of the heat, it’s the perfect thing. Dancing in the rain, in proper pouring rain, would be so much fun. I vaguely remember doing this during high school, and then attending lessons completely drenched and being told off by the teachers, but I want to do it again.
  4. Hug a mascot – Mascots are brilliant! They’re so quirky and bright and just make everyone’s day. I remember wanting to meet Pudsey the Bear and Minnie Mouse ever since I was a kid (who kindly ignored me when I went to Disneyland), but more recently I got to meet the mascot for Hamley’s Toy Store in London, the Hamley’s bear. I was on day out in the city with my closest friends and we decided to pop inside, when we spotted the bear walking through the store, and literally followed it right to the entrance just so we could take a picture with it. 
  5. Spend a day with a best friend – There have actually been quite a few of these days since I wrote this post, with various different friends, over the years. There have a number of them with my closest friends from high school, a few with some friends I’ve lost touch with since leaving high school, and plenty since the start of uni. The most recent I can remember is with my boyfriend, back when we hadn’t started dating, and we decided to take a day trip to explore Southampton. We went to the docks, and also around Town Quay and Ocean Village, before heading up Itchen Bridge and viewing the sunset, and then going down to our, then, favourite café, No.4 Coffee and Wine. I’ve had many more since, but those have been after we had started dating. He is still my best friend, but I don’t know if those days fall under this category.
  6. Sleep in a hammock – Hammocks are pretty cool. I remember seeing them in cartoons and movies that I watched growing up, and attempting to make one in my bedroom out of bed sheets but always failing. I still haven’t had a change to sleep in one; I’ve never really come across one to be able to sleep in it the first place. I don’t know if this is still something I’d want on my bucket list. I don’t seem to be as interested in them as I was back when I wrote this bucket list.
  7. Have dinner overlooking the city – Wouldn’t it be amazing? I’m pretty sure the image that came to mind when I wrote this was having dinner up the Eiffel Town, overlooking the city of Paris. However now, it applies to London to, what with the Shard having been built. I’ve seen so many images of views, especially night views, from up the Shard and it looks like a beautiful and romantic setting for dinner. With the idea of going to Paris for my birthday this year, maybe I’ll  be able to tick this off soon?
  8. Fly in a helicopter – Yet again, I’m not sure why I put this one here. I have a serious fear of heights, and especially of the feeling of climbing or falling, so a helicopter ride does seem absurd. I can just about sit on a plane calmly, so I doubt I’d be able to convince myself to get into a helicopter. This is definitely one item I’m not going to carry onto the new bucket list. I must have been out of my head when I put this down.
  9. Bury a time capsule – This was yet another thing I used to see often in TV shows when I was growing up. Burying a box filled with random items that relate to you, and then bury it in a set location, to dig it up x years down the line. I’ve just never lived in one place for long enough to be able to do this. I still haven’t. I do want to do this, however, I have no idea where I would bury it as it has to be somewhere you’re allowed to dig up the area and somewhere where the chance of someone else coming across it very unlikely. I’ve yet to find a place like this, but when I do, I will definitely bury one, probably when I graduate.
  10. Dig up the time capsule later
  11. Understand space-time – Space-time. I have enjoyed physics for years now. Many years. I always had books on me which were about the more complicated aspects or theories, compared to what I had been learning at school at that time. One of the books I had was called “The Big Questions – The Universe” by Stuart Clark. In this book, there’s a chapter about space-time, which inspired to me do some more in-depth reading on the topic. At time, I was actually very interested in undergoing a physics degree at university and was hoping that by the end of the degree, I would have, to some extent, understood the concept of space-time. That didn’t happen, as I am doing an Engineering degree instead, but I think it would be really cool to be able to know.
  12. Own a massive stuffed animal ✓ – I have always wanted to own a huge stuffed animal. Always. I remember having a massive duck when I was a kid, but the fur on it kept falling out so my mum threw it away. I’ve been looking around for one since, but they were always so expensive, and my mother would have killed me if I came home with, not only yet another stuffed animal, but a massive one at that. It has always been in the back of my head, to buy one eventually, especially since I live away from home most of the time now, but I never have. Then for Valentine’s Day this year, my boyfriend got me a 48″ bear from Toys ‘r’ Us. It is big. It’s not as tall as me, but it is a fat bear so holding it makes me feel, and not to mention look, tiny. I decided to name him Tiny the bear, as a joke and the name has just stuck.
  13. Drink bubble tea  – I was introduced to bubble tea by a couple of friends from school in Year 11 or so, and I am now obsessed with the stuff. If you’ve never tried it, or heard of it, bubble tea is “an East Asian drink of tea containing grains of tapioca and often blended with sweetener and flavourings, shaken to a froth and usually served cold with a straw.” It is amazing! You can get fruit teas and milk teas and a huge range of flavours! I had heard much about it before I had my first drink, but now I wonder why I hadn’t had it sooner.
  14. Receive flowers from a significant other ✓ – I love flowers. They’re so pretty and so fragrant – they’d make anyone smile. I only ever used to receive flowers from my parents, on my birthday if ever. But since I started dating, I had always hoped to receive flowers from my boyfriend at least once. For the first few months, I didn’t, but as soon as we moved into our new student house in Southampton, he bought me my first bouquet of chrysanthemums, which were blue – my favourite colour.
  15. Skim a pebble  – I have never, and I mean never, been able to skim a pebble and it frustrates me. I have tried time and time again, and have had people teach me multiple times, yet I still can’t seem to get a hold of the method, and I don’t know why. Hopefully, I’ll learn how to one day (in the not so distant future).
  16. Get a job  – Like most kids, I grew up being dependent on my parents during my school life. But when I turned 16, I decided that I wanted to earn my own money and not bother my parents, who had their own problems to sort out. I went to countless places and handed in my CV, but got no responses. Then I got lucky at the start of year 13, when my friend let me know that her employer, at Kumon Mitcham, was looking for more teaching assistants, and told me that I should hand it my CV. As this was a tuition center, they were very selective about who they hired, and, on top of submitting my CV, I had to sit Mathematics and English tests to see if I was capable enough to be a teaching assistant at the center. Despite my English score being low, I was hired and I worked there until the week before I left to move to Southampton.
  17. Geneva Motorshow – I have been a fan of cars since I was a little girl. Even to this day, but probably not as much as I used to be. The Geneva Motorshow  is probably one of the BEST Motorshows in the world. I’ve only ever been to one large scale motorshow in my life – the British International Motorshow in 2008, which was sadly the last year it happened. The show got cancelled after – I’m not sure for what reasons – but it was one of the most fun and interesting events I’ve been too. There are countless stands for each car company, where they show off their new models and concepts, and, outside, a small concert with food stands, go karting and so on. It is a brilliant atmosphere and it’s such a shame that the show was cancelled. However, hopefully one day I can experience the thrill again in Geneva.
  18. Kai and Hana – Most girls, whilst growing up, go through a phase where they decided to pick baby names for children who don’t even exist yet. I also went through this phase and had a page in my A5 Hello Kitty notebook dedicated to lists of names for boys and girls. I did grow out of this, but, since then, there have been two names which have stuck, both because they are nice names and also due to the meanings. Kai, has many meanings, but the Japanese ones stood out the most for me – “ocean”, “shell”, “restoration” and “recovery”. My favourite means for Hana were “flower” in Japanese, “one” in Korean and Grace in Hebrew.
  19. See Prof. Brian Cox live ✓ – Professor Brian Cox was pretty much what my GCSE and A Level Physics lessons were about. We would watch episodes from Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe during our lesson to cover what we needed to learn about astrophysics. And no one could have taught us better. He’s so passionate about what he does, and it was most likely him who set my passion for Physics on fire. After watching what he did, after finding out what work he does, it just inspired me more and more, even until this day. He does a few live shows now and then, and I attempted to attend a free one in London with a friend of mine. But we seriously underrated how many people were planning to turn up, and we did not make it in. But in 2012, December 21st, he did a joint show with Robyn Ince, called the End of the World showor something along those lines. It featured various different celebrities, and talked about the end of the world myth. It was brilliant. Brian Cox even played the piano during the show which blew my mind.
  20. Constellation Viewing ✓ – Those of you who have read my other posts know how passionate I am about astrophysics and about stars and constellations. They inspire me – I’m not sure why or how but they do. I’ve had this affection towards them for many years now and seeing a constellation when I’m out and about never fails to put a smile on my face. There have been times where I’ve stood in the middle of the pavement, just staring up at the sky for minutes, without even realising how much time has gone by.

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