Returning with a new project

So I think I’ve taken a long enough hiatus from blogging, and, recently, I have been wanting to blog but have had no idea what to blog about. But I think I found something that might be worth sharing with you guys.

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I, (both studying the same course at university). decided we would spend our summer doing a small robotics project, after thoroughly enjoying our Semester 2 robotics project at university. We decided that, with a few others, we would enter the same robotics competition in our upcoming academic year (outside of our academic studies), as we would get much more time to design and build the bot. By doing this small project over the summer, we can get a much better understanding of the general requirements of the competition robot. This includes the maneuverability and accuracy of the robot, and collision detection. We also want to try live video transmission from this robot, and using an LCD display to serial print values from the sensors we’re going to be using for our collision avoidance system. However, we’re unsure whether we will use these on the competition robot.

The robotics competition in question is Eurobot – a European robotics competition – which takes place every year. This year the finals took place in Switzerland, and our task for the project was to design and build a robot which is capable of competing in the UK Finals and the European Finals. With all the knowledge we gained this previous year, we hope that we can use it to build a better robot than those built this year.

My team's robot from last year, named Boldrebot

My team’s robot from last year, named Boldrebot

My next few blogs will, mainly, be following the progress of this project – specs, updates, videos, etc – and I hope this proves useful to some, and interesting to others.


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