Life Blog – Results of exploring

I haven’t blogged in nearly two weeks! Sorry about the mini hiatus. A nail tutorial will be up maybe next week, after I’m done with settling in in the new house, and robot work will resume soon as well. So I felt it best to separate out my personal blogs to my robotics posts. These posts will be under the heading life blogs (for obvious reasons).

Results of exploring

About a month or so ago, when looking for places to visit, my boyfriend and I came across a real hidden gem – an absolute beaut. We initially wanted to find a place to stay overnight, but the little village nearby didn’t have much to offer. We then considered taking 3 or 4 days away, staying in and exploring Poole, and then travelling to this hideaway on one of the days by train. But again, we had trouble with a place to stay; every hotel/inn/room we could find was out of our budget. We stuck to just doing a day trip, and these are the photos that we managed to take. At first we were a bit regretful about the £6 bus ride and £6 entrance fee, but as soon as we entered this quiet haven, it really seemed worth it.  It’s become our favourite, secret place, and I know I’ll definitely be going back sometime in the future. If you ever happen to come across this place, seriously, do take a look – it won’t leave you disappointed.


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