Dance Blog – A New Choreography

Since about February, I had been working on a dance choreography, which I taught and performed at a showcase at my university. The performance didn’t go as well as I hoped, but a friend suggested I film the dance. So that is what happened. But it wasn’t an easy process.

I changed the routine over and over again since the idea was suggested, thinking and dreaming up new ideas day in, day out; apologetically texting my friend every few days, to let him know that I had, yet again, changed the choreography. Even on the train, on the way to the location we had decided on (near the Royal Society, London), I changed the routine, and was frantically practicing it whilst waiting for him to arrive, using a shop window as my mirror. (Much to everyone else’s amusement  – I got a fair few strange glances from passersby).

Teaching the newly modified routine did not take long; thankfully my friend is a fast learner. But I had definitely underestimated the filming process. I honestly thought it wouldn’t take more than 5 takes, and we’d have a version we were happy with.

We were there for an hour.

Apparently that’s pretty short.

I had definitely lost count of how many takes we had, and I’m surprised my camera didn’t run out of memory or just give up on life. We eventually filmed a few good runs, and a few days later, I edited the video into a slightly more entertaining video (the routine was pretty simple and short, so I figured it needed some spicing up).

Here it is, for those who would like to take a look. It isn’t my first ever choreography, and it isn’t anything impressive, but is the first one I have been happy enough to film and share with my friends and family. I’m already dreaming up ideas for other routines, so please do keep an eye out for more posts on future choreographies.


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