Life Blog – Never Had A Dream Come True

To all those who thought this was about S Club 7, I am sorry in advance, because it is not. Though I might be one of a few people who would actually reach that conclusion from reading the blog title..

Have you ever had a dream come true? Have you ever achieved something you once thought was completely absurd, and just next to impossible?

I have a lot of dreams, a lot things I would love to be able to do or have but, in my mind, are basically not achievable or just downright impossible. This includes stuff I’ve outlined in my bucket list, such as having a super power, or understanding space-time, or even flying in a hot air balloon (this is pretty impossible for me because I have severe acrophobia but is pretty achievable for others). There have been some recent additions to this, such as working for the Minister of Education, or even becoming one, as I am really passionate about making a change to the UK education system, and it would be great to do this from such a position.

However, there has been one general dream that I’ve had since I was in high school. This was to meet my idols, from my favourite singers and dancers to my favourite sports people. In my head, meeting them was a bit excessive, and I always believed that, if anything, I’ll only ever get to see them “perform” from a distance. That was until yesterday.

One of my dreams actually came true.

One day, when I was in high school, I happened to come across a dance crew on YouTube, purely by chance, and was immediately hooked. If I ever showed someone a dance video, their’s would be the first. The way they moved was so different to anything I’ve seen anyone else do – moves executed with so much precision and accuracy but they were impossibly fast. These guys were called Quick Crew, a dance crew from Norway. Over the years, I’ve always looked up to them and admired their style – it was something I could never do. I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if one day, I could see them perform live, and not watch from them behind a computer screen.

I started street dance about 2 and half years ago at university, with not much dancing experience prior to this (just dancing around in my bedroom to K-Pop songs, in front of my mirror). Looking back, I have come a long way since then, and made more improvements in dance than I would have ever imagined. But I never thought I’d find myself in the position I found myself in yesterday.

A few months ago, I heard news of a workshop by Quick Crew that was to take place in London. I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if I should attend because I was sure my level of dance was still quite amateurish and I would not be able to match the pace. But I had been a fan of these guys for years and was in a position where I would give anything to see them. So I bought the tickets to the classes at the workshop. All three. Why did I buy all three classes when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up? To be completely honest, even I’m not entirely sure why I did. I guess a part of me felt that if I was to go, I should do it properly and attend all of them. I figured I would bring back something.

It was a 2 month wait between me getting the tickets and the day of the workshop, and with every week that passed, I got more and more excited but also more and more nervous. How would you feel knowing that you were going to meet your idols but were not up to standard, and you’d have to show your level of ability in front of them and others who were much better than yourself? I started to mentally prepare myself for this, but then noticed a change as the weeks went on. I attend an advanced street dance class at university, and I’ve always found it a bit of a struggle. I struggle to keep up with the pace of learning, and a lot of the times, the pace of the routines. But this was completely different to how I felt in the last class I attended, which was 3 days before the Quick Crew workshop. Yes, I was still struggling to keep up with the pace of teaching, and it took me quite some time to get the hang of the routine. But I got it. I’m not saying I was the best there or that it was even great, but I got at least 80% of it, which was quite an achievement for me.

I started to feel a lot more confident about attending the workshop after this. “Maybe I might just be able to do it.. maybe?” I thought to myself.

Then the day of the workshop came around.

I couldn’t contain the excitement, and, most likely as a result of this, woke up at 4am that morning when I didn’t need to be out of bed until 7:30am. I couldn’t even get back to sleep. I was buzzing. The train was delayed and my friend and I got held up at Waterloo station due to faulty barriers, and ended up having to run up and down escalators just to make it in the nick of time. Normally, this would stress me out so much, but I still felt great.

As mentioned before, there were 3 classes (I will talk about these in more detail in my next post), and I felt my ability being challenged in each one. I can’t deny that I felt very out of place at the start; nearly everyone around me was a more skilled dancer, and they were able to keep up with the pace and the routine a lot better than myself. But after a few motivational talks by Quick Crew themselves, I stopped focusing on putting myself down, and started focusing on doing the routine to the best of my ability.

And that’s how the day passed.

The routines got progressively harder and more demanding, and the last routine took it’s toll on my body, and I wasn’t able to reach the end. I felt quite gutted, a bit disappointed in myself. But despite this, I learnt so much, about dance, about myself and about life.

Even thinking back right now, at how they expressed their passion for dance, how they talked about dance, it puts a massive smile on my face. I realised I was dancing for the same reason that they were. Because I love dancing just like they do. I don’t let my ability and experience, or lack of, stop me from dancing. I still do it. And it was nice to hear that those I look up to dance for the same reason.

Attending the workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It taught me so much, inspired me even more, and has made me feel more comfortable about stepping outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself a little further.



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