Dance Blog – Quick Crew

About a week ago, I wrote a post about how a dream came true; I was able to meet and be taught by one of my favourite dance groups, 3 guys I’ve admired since I was in high school. This is essentially part 2 of the blog, where I go into more detail about the dances that were taught.

The first routine was taught by Suleman Malik, one of the twins in the crew. It was to Pray 4 Love by Travi$ Scott feat. The Weeknd. This routine was very dynamic. It required you to be able to translate yourself across the space not just efficiently but whilst also being able to express the emotions. It was a routine with a slot of emotion and attitude, something that requires experience to put across very well. Within the first 10 minutes, the only thought that was running through my head was “I shouldn’t be here, this was a mistake”. I already knew I’d struggle; their style of dance is not what I’m used to and is quite advanced for a dancer of my abilities. But I felt so out of place for the first time in a quite a while. Nearly everyone else was getting the routine whereas I was still standing there trying to figure out quite a few different moves. But then they gave us a motivational talk about how we shouldn’t worry about looking like someone else, or dancing like someone else, and should just be comfortable with what we can do. I really needed that.

I have always been a slow learner – it takes a lot time for me to understand the moves and be able to execute them. But once I started reaching this stage, I started enjoying the routine a lot. I actually found myself really liking the style a lot. I still found it challenging, and there were certain parts of the routine I just didn’t seem to be getting, but I was doing a lot better than I thought. Most importantly, I was enjoying it. I really had fun doing that routine, and it started to make the doubts I had about myself disappear. All I could think about was what we’d be learning next.

At the end of the first class, the Quick Crew trio performed the routine we had just been taught, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so blown away by a performance. Their choreography videos have always excited me, but seeing it in front of my eyes, in person, was a whole new feeling.

The next routine was taught by Nasir Sirikhan, the other member aside from the twins. This was very different to what we had just learnt from Suleman. Whereas Suleman’s choreography featured a lot of large movements, and translating yourself around the space you were in, Nasir’s was full of small, precise movements. To my surprise, it was to a Korean song, Comes and Goes by Hyukoh. Within minutes, I knew this was not for me. I appreciate such style of dancing a lot, but it’s something I could never do, and I found I struggled quite a bit. It was a routine that required a lot of patience, and controlled dynamics. Though I found it difficult to execute, I enjoyed watching it being performed by others as it was so captivating. It was also really interesting to learn how both Suleman and Nasir have such different styles, and how both their styles of dancing put together essentially creates the Quickstyle – the name given to Quick Crew’s style of dance.

We were able to experience the Quickstyle in the final routine, and I really could see how the two different styles were brought together to create Quick Crew’s signature style. This last routine was to another Korean song, Girl Rock by Epik High. It was fast, precise and definitely very challenging, but such an enjoyable routine. I found it quite demanding on my body, especially after having learnt two other routines, and wasn’t able to get to the end of this class. I did manage to learn the whole routine, but felt a bit let down that I wasn’t able to join in at the end with running through the routine and performing it in groups.

Overall, this was such an unforgettable experience. I’m glad I had improved to a level where I was able to attend this class and tackle the routines. I have found my dancing to the routines occasionally, especially if I hear the songs, but I know these are 3 routines I’d rather not forget, so I think I will carry on practicing them, perfecting them and making it more me.

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