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Have you ever questioned someone? Be it their loyalty, personality, their morals?

I guess that is a bit of a stupid question because I’m sure we all have, at some point in our lives. Just like any creature on this planet, we place our faith and trust in others. Just like how otters trust one another and hold hands whilst sleeping to stop each other floating away, we essentially hold hands with those who we trust our lives and our futures with.

Sometimes, this trust is misplaced. There are times where we trust others through manipulation of words or by being blinded by an image they put up. There are times where this trust is then abused. Sometimes the trust isn’t mutual. There is trust that is built up on favours and provisions. But within this, there are times where one party provides more than the other, yet it’s still seen as being mutual. How is it mutual if someone is only willing to take and not give? How is it ‘trust’ if someone isn’t sticking to their word?

It makes me wonder how much people abuse trust. How can a person earn the trust of another or many others, and tell them ‘Don’t worry. I’ve got this’ in the middle of a problem, only to not act on it at all. Empty words.

Or even worse, to come back and say ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I was wrong.’

When things start to go wrong, you start to question that person. You start wondering why you trust them, or why you placed your trust in them, or why you fought for them and supported them. You start regretting decisions and choices you’ve made surrounding that person. But what’s the point? Because what’s done is done, and they don’t care. Had they cared, maybe you wouldn’t be in this position. Had they cared, they would try to fix things. The same can’t be said about our Prime Minister.


This morning, the UK woke up to a moment which will, for me, go down as one of the biggest mistakes made in British history. Yesterday, the British public went out in their numbers to vote in the EU referendum, either in favour of remaining in or leaving the EU. And as us Brits would put it, we ‘cocked’ up. Big time.

Leaving the EU has the potential of having huge implications on the future of the country. Things already started with the value of the pound dropping to its lowest point in over 20 years, and a huge crash in the stock market. The irony of the situation is that the majority of those who voted to remain are those whose future depends on the outcome. A friend on Facebook summarised the situation well: ‘I also know that not everyone who voted to leave is racist. I do in fact have a brain. Not everyone who voted to leave is racist, but all the racists voted to leave. If that doesn’t make sense, read it a few more times.’

Being from London, a very multi-cultural city, I remember mainly seeing “Vote to Remain” posters everywhere. A few days ago, I was travelling back to Southampton, and the further I got from London, the more “Vote to Leave” posters I saw. And even a few “We want our country back!” posters. This bothered me so much. This country has flourished because of its multiculturalism. It has brought across new business opportunities and jobs, new interests and hobbies, new friendships and treaties. It upsets me that those least exposed to this multiculturalism are some of those who are most easily brainwashed by false lies and promises by our leaders. UKIP Leader Nigel Farage admitted this morning that his statement about us having “£350 million to spend on the NHS” if we leave the EU was a mistake. NO. This is what those who voted to leave need to stop telling themselves. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a lie to get more votes.

How can a country, which has laws protecting the swans, not have anything to protects its people against evidently false statements made by politicians such as him?

Looking at the vote distribution, areas that are quite rural (which is majority of England), were those that flocked in their numbers to vote to leave. Big cities mainly voted to remain, including London and some of her surrounding counties. But Scotland and most of NI wanted to remain. So what does that say about England? That we’re ignorant and uneducated? Maybe. Research conducted on yesterday’s referendum showed that the higher the qualification you hold, and the more exposed you are, the more likely you were to want to stay in the EU. 

That being said, when looking at a map showing the turnout, London was one of the areas with the lowest turnouts. Had the turnout been greater, would the vote had the tipped the other way?

I have never felt so disappointed with this country. I was an immigrant, and my parents were refugees. We moved here in the hope of fleeing our war-struck country and starting afresh. All my parents wanted was to give me an opportunity I would have been deprived of back home – good education. They struggled to get their lives started here, and after over 10 years, we finally were naturalised and became British Citizens. Even to this day my parents, who are reaching their 60’s, are working hard to try and scrape as much money as they can for us to get by. Not live comfortably, but get by. They can wave goodbye to the idea of a happy, peaceful retirement and a government pension because they don’t qualify. We aren’t the only people in this position. So many others are. Yet these lies about how “more jobs will be created if we leave the EU” make me feel sick. More jobs for people like you? or people like us – refugees, immigrants and citizens from lower class backgrounds? People who are working hard, paying our taxes, serving this country, and not sat watching poor British reality TV shows and complaining about how they are ‘taking away our jobs’. Majority of those who say that exact phrase are those who don’t even bother trying to go out and find jobs. This group of people won’t know or understand the struggle of running up and down the city trying to find a job vacancy with little/no overseas qualifications; the struggle of studying at university only to come out with a huge debt to pay off, whilst facing low graduate employment rates. Just because a person of a different race has taken up the position of checkout assistant at your local co-op, doesn’t mean they are taking away your jobs. They just went for an opportunity you could have gone for but didn’t. That’s the difference. We can’t take it ‘away’ if it was never yours in the first place.

I feel embarrassed to call myself British. Because this country is trying to shut its gates and refuse the same opportunities that we came searching for, to others. Not only has it shut its gates on others, it has turned away opportunities for growth, that most don’t understand or were not aware of. I have never thought of this country  as one which was selfish. But the vote has shown me that the majority of those who live here are. And I am ashamed at that. I am disappointed the people have fallen for lies of those money hungry politicians and leaders who manipulated the situation, who sit comfortably in their fancy houses with a large disposable income, which they only care about increasing through this referendum.

Yes, we have decided to change the world, which doesn’t belong to us (we belong to it), to one with leaders and borders. After doing this, the least we can do is support each other, and hold each other’s hands. We are all humans. We don’t need an apocalypse to unite us.

The fight isn’t over yet. I am proud of those who voted to remain. Let’s not forget to keep fighting for what we believe in and for our future.

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