Daily Shorts – A Pet Hate

The shopping mall here in Southampton has installed a temporary ‘Simon Says’ style interactive feature which allows you to play the game and win vouchers that can be used at certain food places in the mall. Whilst queuing up to have a go on this today, I noticed two girls taking their turn ahead of me.

As one of the girls was progressing through the game, and she reached the point where she was repeating a pattern of 3, she dabbed. It has been over 6 hours and I still can’t get over it. I don’t know how many people reading this are familiar with the ‘dab’. It is a dance move that has recently become very popular within the younger community. I’ve never been a fan of this move; I think it looks stupid. But as a dancer, I respect it if it is placed as part of a dance routine.

But teens these days are ‘dabbing’ to everything and anything, and it makes me dislike it even more. It is one of those things that make me cringe whenever I see it. Again, being someone who dances quite regularly, and dances Street Dance in particular, one of my strongest but newest pet hates is people doing moves such as the ‘dab’ or the ‘whip’ randomly and not in a dance context. It isn’t cool. It looks ridiculous.


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