Life Blog – A Little Celebration

My best friend is graduating from university in exactly 2 weeks. Why does it feel daunting to me, even though I’m not the one graduating? Regardless, after all the hard work and struggles, but also the achievements and good memories over the past few years, he has finally finished! I knew that I wanted to celebrate with him – this is a milestone in his life, something that won’t come around again, and I wanted to make the journey to graduation day memorable.

We’re both keen on exploring and adventuring around new places. After asking a friend for tips on where we should go, I found the perfect spot to spend the day. Of course, it was all a surprise until we got there, but we explored the south coast by Dorset: Lulworth Cove, Stair Hole, Man of War beach and Durdle door. The weather wasn’t on our side; the fog was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. But it was still so breathtaking and just a lot of fun.

The photos below really don’t do it justice, but I was blown away by how unlike the UK this coastline was – the water was a gorgeous clear emerald/turquoise with no litter and amazing cliff formations around it.



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