Daily Shorts – Strangers

I usually struggle when it comes to getting to know new people. I rarely approach someone and wait for them to approach me and start a conversation. When this happens, I do try my best to keep the conversation going.

I’d been working at my university this weekend, helping out at the open days as an engineering student ambassador. I had taken part in this the last academic year as well, and it is honestly a great experience.

This weekend, I got to know some amazing people from my faculty, and even from my year in my course. Despite not knowing each other at all, as a group, we engaged in brilliantly interesting conversations and even some teasing and banter. It was also great to hear about other people’s journey to uni and what they gotten up to in the past few years here.

I think taking part in this experience helped me improve in starting conversations with strangers, and keeping them engaged and interested. I just hope I was helpful to all the prospective students and their parents.

So yes, I am an awkward person when it comes to meeting strangers, but give me 5 to 10 minutes, and I really do get into the conversation. Promise.

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