Daily Shorts -New Hobby

My spontaneity has peaked in recent days. One spontaneous decision I made was to purchase a skateboard and teach myself how to use it. I haven’t had a skateboard since I was about 13 years old, which I couldn’t actually ride properly as it was far too big for my size. My mum eventually threw that skateboard away.

I’ve made decent progress with the new board. I had learnt how to travel in a straight line, with good balance, after using it once. I spent a couple more days improving this and working towards skateboarding at a faster speed, and doing small turns.

I hope this is something I carry on working on well into the next academic year so that I can try and use it to commute too.

Let’s hope progress is good. Maybe I’ll be hitting up a skate park in a few weeks.

And let’s hope my mum doesn’t find and throw this board away.

I think I might be going through a quarter life crisis.


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