Daily Shorts – Addiction

They say the first step is accepting that you have a problem.

I have a new found addiction. Not obsession but addiction. A constant craving.
Iced tea.

In particular, Lipton’s Peach Ice Tea.

I never used to like ice tea. I despised it. Then one hot summers day a few years ago, while near Waterloo, I was handed a free bottle of Lipton as a promotion. With nothing else on hand to drink, I had the iced tea.

I was in love.

Recently I’ve found myself constantly craving the sweet, tangy, refreshing taste of iced tea. I even frequent Costa o have their iced teas.

This is the point where I would say, ‘What has happened to me?!’.

But this time, I’m not going to say that. Instead, no regrets.


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