Daily Shorts – Expression

There are times when I’m not great at expressing how I feel. It’s usually when I have to express my gratitude or like for something or someone. Of course, it’s even harder if the person is someone I like – I become a flustered mess. But, regardless, I am really bad at it.

I start cringing and squirming, mumble my words and avoid making eye contact. I do the same thing when someone expresses their feelings about something to me. I honestly react in the most awkward way and I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes across as being a bit rude. It is rather embarrassing. But I do a decent job of it when I write it down and give it to the person in that form.

Decent might be an understatement.

I am currently writing down my feelings and thoughts as part of my best friends graduation present, and I have exceeded 1000 words.

This isn’t a one off. I do these essay-type ways of expressing my feelings often.

Definitely an understatement.

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