Daily Shorts – A tad windy

How British is that blog title? ‘A tad windy’. Does anyone still describe stuff using the word ‘tad’? Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked.

I’m normally amazing at planning. Anyone who knows me well will know that I would happily go out of my way to plan something. I’m even my best friend’s Chief Executive Adviser (…basically an unofficial PA).

One thing I’ve found I’m not great at planning is my clothes.Two days in a row now, I have picked the worst things to wear when going out.

For my best friend’s graduation, I decided to wear a short, sweetheart neckline dress because I knew the temperature was going to exceed 30 degrees. What I didn’t check was the wind. There was a slight breeze that day, but it was more than enough to make my dress fly up countless times. I managed to save it every time but had I been slightly distracted or preoccupied, things wouldn’t have gone down well. Especially not with my best friend’s family around. I’m no Marilyn Monroe; I can’t make it look even slightly glamorous.

Yesterday, I was out in London with my family and it was another warm day. I opted for a skirt and a top, making sure it was appropriate to wear in front of my family, of course.

The wind was even worse.

My skirt flew up so many times, in front of my parents, aunt and uncle and my poor nephew. It didn’t help that my mother had to point it out a few times to many. ‘Should have worn shorts,’ she said.

Yes mum. I know. I will wear shorts next time.


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