Daily Shorts – Annoyed

I really dislike it when people can’t make a decision. Especially when there are time restrictions in place.

My uncle, aunt and cousin flew over to visit my family in London, and we have been going to a few places for shopping and sightseeing, and also have been to visit a few friends. My dad and my uncle (his brother) are two of the worst people to travel with. Naturally, they are alike in many ways, but one thing that really stands out is their indecisive.

‘Shall we go here tomorrow?’ …Silence. ‘Well?’ …More silence.

They just don’t reply, and things get planned at the last minute. As someone who is an organisation freak, I hate this because every single time, it leads to other complications.

And they’re not great at listening to or hearing out other people’s opinions either.

Honestly one of the biggest headaches I’ve had to deal with these past couple of weeks.


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