I miss..

I miss the laughter, I miss the fun;
As I sit here crying alone;
You’re not around to wipe my tears.
I miss running into your warm embrace,
those gentle arms that make me feel so safe.
But now I’m being bruised by all that’s around me.

All the moments and adventures,
where I forget about the worries;
so blinded that I forget about the world.
I miss the look you give me,
when I have my bursts of weirdness,
but more the moments where you’d join in.

Do you remember the talks we would have?
The ones that would last hours,
we’d lose track of time, of our thoughts.
A few minutes feel like treasure now,
if I can manage to get that much,
before we have to rush off to face reality.
We would open up our hearts,
our feelings, our worries,
and just relish in each other’s company.

Where are you now as I sit here alone?
With the world swallowing me whole,
crumbling and crushing my bones.
I’m suffocating in this place,
which no longer feels like home.
Fighting with no shield, no weapon.

And you’re not around,
to hold me and take me away;
to tell everything is going to be okay.

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