Daily Shorts – Good News

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I suffer from anxiety, and have regular waves of negative mindsets.

One person who understands this more than most is my best friend. I guess, in general, I’m a pretty pessimistic person regarding anything to do with myself. It’s not a good trait to have, especially when it has huge impacts on my mental health. To try and overcome this, and to take a step forward to being better at controlling my anxiety, we decided on a deal.

A part of this deal involves something I think everyone should bring into their lives. The idea is to mention one good thing to each other when we talk, one good piece of news that happened to us that day. It’s been a few days now and it really helps calm my mood down, essentially first thing in the morning.

I recently bought a week planner from Paperchase, the kind which comes as a sticky-note type pad that you tear off week by week. The design I chose features a ‘Best Moments This Week’ section where you write down the 3 best moments that week. The planner is something that would be in my line of sight when I am working at my table, so I think it’s something I definitely need to start using more.

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