Daily Shorts – Unsuccessful

Earlier today, I posted my first article on My Trending Stories. It’s something I will probably share on here sometime in the next few days, but the topic was about apologising. It made me realise that it was something I actually do a lot, and I felt quite hypocritical writing it. How can I, who is guilty of everything I have written about, even post such an article?

But it was an eye opener for myself. It showed me that I don’t need to be that way, and that others shouldn’t either. I think it all comes down to humans being really bad at taking our own advice. I mean, I don’t know if writing that article will help me for that very reason, but I’m hoping that those who read it find it useful and something that they can take into their own lives.

Sometimes, we just need to hear it from someone else, when we are too afraid to say it to ourselves.


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