Life Blog – Honesty

I don’t like it when people aren’t honest or straight forward with me. Not only does it make things confusing for myself, but it makes it so much harder for me to try and be open and honest in return. I can be quite open minded and blunt, and a lot of people make me feel like I can’t be like that with them, like I need to keep it hidden.

If you feel a certain way about something I’ve done or said or just about me in general, then tell me. There are times where I often get quite confused or don’t understand situations well because people aren’t honest or are keeping things from me. I start getting frustrated and confused because I have to try and read into things to try and figure out what is actually going. Trust me, that doesn’t always work out. I value those who are able to speak openly with me more than those who keep it from me and think it’ll fix itself over time.

Here’s a wake up call: it doesn’t. When there is a problem or an obstacle regarding another person, it’s so much easier to overcome it if you  discuss it together. I’ve been there and if anything, that’s what I’ve learnt. How is a person meant to grow and to learn if they’re not being told where they’re going wrong or where they’re doing well, even?

Let’s put this into a context I’m sure more people will understand and will be able to relate to. Say there was someone you liked, a lot. We’ve all been there. Say that person liked you back but you were completely unaware of it because they didn’t tell you. How is a relationship meant to blossom if neither open their hearts? My last love waited a very long time before he confessed to me, and was planning on waiting even longer. I was on the verge of giving up on my, what I thought was a, one-sided crush but luckily it all worked out.

Or say someone was caught in a situation with you where they were finding it difficult or uncomfortable. How are you meant to know unless they tell you? How will you be able to fix things? By the time you realise it’ll be too late to go back, and you would have never had the chance to try and make it right.

We are all human beings at the end of the day; we are not superheroes. We can’t know everything all the time or have the ability to understand things straight away.


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