Daily Shorts – Apologies

I haven’t written a daily short in 2 days! I’d been quite preoccupied with other things that were going on that I never managed to get around to it at the end f each day.

I did a lot of dancing again the last few days, which felt great. It had been a while and one of my best friends was cheering me on as I was practicing. It was definitely very mood lifting.

I also posted a short dance cover yesterday of a choreography I had learnt within a few hours. Despite only taking me a few hours, it was definitely a bit tricky but I won’t be able to improve dance unless I push myself and learn harder choreographies. It’s a good way to expand your dance knowledge so that you can improve your own choreographies as well.

I’ve set a target of putting up a new cover at least once or twice a week, and a new choreo every few months. Hopefully I can stick to it.


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