Daily Shorts – 100

I started this blog just under 3 years ago as a new hobby. I was never much of writer but I like the idea of trying something new and starting a blog. My blog became an alternative to my journal; I would write about various topics, but generally things I encounter in my day to day activities. Whether it be something materialistic or thoughts and feelings, I would document it in a post.

I wasn’t expecting an audience, followers who would read what I was saying. It was more a way for me to release my feelings so that they weren’t being bottled up inside. Bottling up emotions is like pumping air into a sealed canister, until, one day, it just explodes.

But as the days and months and years went on, I started to see there were people who were following my blog and reading about these happenings. Whether it was a topic of interest to them or something they could relate to, I just felt happy knowing that my blog was reaching out to different people from all over the world.

I never though I would reach 100 followers on this blog, because that wasn’t my goal. My goal was just to write and to learn to express myself. But knowing that I have reached this milestone makes me very proud.

So I would like to say thank you to everyone who does follow this blog. I hope the topics I write about make me smile or cry or just help you get through your day. Thank you for going on this journey with me and for helping me express myself about things I would normally have wanted to keep hidden.

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