Daily Shorts – Nostalgic

I went to watch Suicide Squad a couple of days ago with my friends. I even did Harley Quinn inspired nail art for the occasion. I am not much of a DC fan, but have always loved The Joker. Yes he is a psychopath, but the character and the way he is portrayed by different actors always is something I find amazing.

In this movie, the role of The Joker is played by Jared Leto. Anyone who went through an ’emo’ phase during their teens would know that he was one of many band members you’d have a crush on.

I felt a wave of excitement run through me as he appeared on screen and was very impressed by his acting. I think he did a great job at presenting the character of the Joker well. To me The Joker is similar to the Doctor, each actor who plays him brings something new to his character and I enjoy that aspect of it.

But after the movie had finished, all I wanted to do was to go home and binge watch 30 Seconds to Mars music videos.

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