Life Blog – Hamster Problems

Hamsters are intellectual creatures. Being preys, they have developed incredible survival skills. Our hamster, on the other hand, is a bit different. She is definitely incredibly smart, but she also has moments were she is a bit ditsy.

When we first got her, we got worried as to why she hadn’t been urinating, or why we couldn’t see where she was going, and were concerned she was going in the same place where she sleeps. She hadn’t been using the house we got her to sleep in as well, and made her own nest out of the wood shavings and bedding we placed in the cage.

The next day, we came down to find that she had moved the unused house into a corner of the cage, and was using that as her potty. We were so relieved, but also very fascinated by how smart she is.

A couple of days ago, we gave her potty a rinse and put it back in. But the next day, we found that she had placed food in her potty. We assumed she didn’t like it and wanted it gone, because it was all the same type of muesli flake. But a few hours later, I noticed that she had found a different corner of the cage to urinate in.

This was not good news.

In order to try and get her to use her old potty again, we moved some of the damp wood shavings from her new potty corner, to her old potty. We put her back in her cage, and gave her some food to see what would happen.

She was absolutely confused.

She kept running back and forth between her nest, the old potty and her new corner, as if she was thinking, ‘I definitely peed here yesterday.. so why is it now here?! So where do I put my food?!’ We left her for a few hours, and found that she was still putting food in her old potty.

Potty training her again is going to take some time.


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