Daily Shorts – Confirmed

I’ve written about my anxiety many times on this blog, and, more recently, I wrote about wanting to get some help regarding it and seeking out a GP or therapist. This morning, I had an appointment with my GP to talk about my anxiety.

Or so I thought.

The process was standard, I described my symptoms and answered any follow up questions he had. I was shaking and emotional throughout the appointment, whilst he was trying to diagnose me. I’ve never spoken to anyone other than my closest friends about it and I felt really uneasy and on edge the whole time.

After the questions were done, the verdict was simple. ‘You have depression,’ he said.

‘Depression?,’ I thought to myself. I didn’t expect my symptoms to be related to it, and it took me by surprise. Even now, I’m still questioning myself. A short discussion later, I was given a prescription for anti-depressants and a leaflet for CBT.

It’s going to be a long fight, and even he said I should have gone sooner, but here goes.

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