Daily Shorts – Arachnids

I hate spiders. I have hated them for as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t call myself arachnophobic but if there was a spider in my room, I wouldn’t sleep in there until it was removed.

Yesterday I came across a monster of a spider. As I wasn’t expecting to see I when I turned around, I immediately jumped out of fear and screamed. My life felt like it had been cut by 10 years.

Even after my housemates had chased me around the house with it and released it outside, I was still trembling from the unpleasant surprise.

After googling the appearance of this approximately 4 inch spider and identifying it, and consulting my mother, I realised it was probably the smartest idea to remove it from the premises. It could have bitten the hamster. Therefore my screaming was justified.

That being said, the piece of dignity i lost at that moment is something I will never get back.

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