Daily Shorts – Toes, Teal and Tasty Treats

Today was the day of the squad auditions for street dance. I auditioned for the advanced squad this year, which has been my goal since the first day of university, and being that the captain of advanced this year was my captain in novice squad last year, it’s a style I know I can do. I did have some nerves last night and started doubting myself, but was quickly put back in my place. The routine was just as hard as the one I did last year, but after watching my audition tape I’m feeling more happy. My toes on the other hand are quite exhausted from the crazy footwork our captain is known for.

My parents also visited today, and brought a surprise with them. My mother bought a beautiful, shimmery teal saree (traditional South Asian attire) which just reminded me of the ocean. I honestly wish I could take it with me everywhere; it’s so stunning. But I have something nice to wear for my next ball so that’s something for me to look forward to.

She also brought along plenty of my favourite treats and fruits to keep me going for the rest of the week! What a way to start a (hopefully) productive week.


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