Daily Shorts – Grow Up

I need to start getting a better hold of myself. I need to learn to let go of matters that shouldn’t bother me, matters that are better left behind, no matter how significant they might have been at some point. I need to live my life knowing that every new day should start with a clean slate, a new chapter in the story of my life and not a continuation of the last. I need to learn to ask the right questions, give the right – and, of course, honest – answers, but should learn to think better before I speak; take other’s thoughts and feelings into consideration, see it from their point of view before going ahead with my decision. Right now now, I feel I might be opening my mouth too thoughtlessly and following my heart too carelessly.

Because what good comes of holding onto something that is no longer present? You are just holding yourself back from moving forward and reaching out of future opportunities. It may seem like the opportunities you are holding onto are worth so much more, but they are gone, they have slipped away, so why not venture in search or something different. For you never know, it could prove to be more valuable. And the only way you will be able to do that is by remembering that tomorrow needn’t be the same as yesterday, nor a continuation. Leave any hurt, sorrow, anger or frustration deep in your memories and live in the moment. For only then will you truly enjoy life, and truly enjoy your own company.


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