Daily Shorts – Soft Spot

I think I’ve always had this weakness, which is judging a guy’s character quite badly when I first meet them. I tend to fall into the ‘nice guy’ trap pretty easily, because I am a sucker for nice guys. Yes, I know, it’s typical of women to ‘friendzone’ the nice guys and chase after the bad boys, but not me. I don’t know why but I’m not afraid to admit it.

However, I’m bad at judging the bad boys. ‘Oh but he seems nice.. I didn’t think he had such a history, ‘ I thought about a guy who showed a bit of interest recently. He was lovely and seemed caring, conversations were good and we even had tea together. Considering no one else was in the picture and those I would have wanted to date didn’t share the same mindset, I thought I’d give this a go. That was prior to my friend pointing out his dating personality and a terrible clubbing experience with the guy in question. I didn’t pursue this further. Yes he seemed lovely, but I did not want to be another one of his ‘I’m bored’ flings. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made this mistake. I once dated a guy for a couple of weeks before realising the mistake I’d made because he played up the nice guy character so well.

I do wish I was a better judge of character when I first meet someone, though I know this is an issue many people face. But those I know are nice guys, are those I know quite well, and, of course, I would consider dating them if I know my feelings may be growing. But my track record with those guys hasn’t been great either – I’ve been rejected by every single one.

Sometimes it does make me wish I was one of those girls who just went for the ‘bad boy’ or any random guy. But I know I would hate it, being the romantic softy I am, and get hurt far too often. I don’t regret these mistakes because I am trying to learn from them. I just wish I had the courage to take the initiative instead of looking back down the line and regretting.

This confusing world.


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