Daily Shorts – A First

We encounter many ‘firsts’ throughout our lives – first steps, first love, first kisses, and so on. I also experienced a first just yesterday – a first date.

You must be thinking, ‘That’s absurd. You’ve dated people before.’ And you’re not wrong, I have dated a few people before. However, those I have been in a relationship before were people I already knew fairly well.

Yesterday was the first time I had a date with, well, someone who was a essentially a stranger. I had only talked to them for a day or two, and barely knew them, so this was my first ever, first date. I wanted to see what it would be like, I was nervous and was constantly bugging my friend about what I should do or say. I’ve never had to experience that when going on a date with someone I was in a relationship with.

That being said, the date didn’t go well. I felt uncomfortable and awkward (although he thought it went really well and won’t stop asking for another date). It just made me realise how much I do prefer really getting to know someone before I consider dating them, and how much I love it when the person I’m dating is someone who knows me well from beforehand too. It makes me feel more confident and less anxious about being around them.

But at least I’ve had the experience, and learnt that somethings just aren’t for everyone.


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